Climate Vulnerable Forum: An Effort to Unite Efforts and Catalyze Action

It was my pleasure to participate in the Climate Vulnerable Forum today. The minister of Bangladesh, Hasan Mahmod gave a particularly touching speech. If even modest climate change projections are true, a massive proportion of Bangladesh is set to be flooded by sea level rise. Mr. Mahmod stated that our planet is a “single lifeboat. If one of us sinks, we all sink.” The panel moderator, Simon Maxwell, executive chair of the Climate & Development Network, echoed these remarks by stating that there can be no winners if there are losers in climate change. How right they are. The task at hand now is for these countries to lead by example and unite there message to reach the citizens of the major emitting economies. They look to be on track.

Best of luck to my new friends. Below are Mohamed Aslam & Stanislas Kamanzi, the Environmental Ministers of the Maldives and Rawanda.


A compelling lunch indeed. I immediately disclosed that I was from the US, but was quick to point out California’s cap-and-trade system.


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