REDD+ with Jane Goodall

Avoided Deforestation Parters hosted a fantastic event yesterday where I met one of a childhood hero, Jane Goodall. This woman, calm and confident, left the audience in awe as she brought passion back into the confused efforts of COP17. I thanked her for this and she showed me her appreciation with a hug and said, “that really is it ins’t it. It’s about passion.”

Also on the panel were: H. Clark (New Zealand) & M. Robinson (Ireland) also present. Event host was Avoided Deforestation Partners, and included special video messages from Bill and Sect Hillary Clinton, as well as Pres Obama. All had touching memories of W.Maathai, whose indomitable spirit is the pulse of this COP on African soil. That spirit is needed now, more than ever. At the UNEP Billion Tree campaign event last night, the prince of Monaco recognized that spirit.

Unfortunately, it appears that all is not right at the moment with the REDD+ negotiations. Fingers crossed that consensus can be reached today. Accounting for over a 1/5 of global GHG emissions, not to mention the social and biodiversity aspects (hence the +’s), keep an eye out for any progress at COP17 to save our forests. Thanks to the efforts icons like of Maathai and Goodall, we have cause for hope.


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