Notice the high gas prices lately? You’re not the only one…

On a trip to Joshua Tree National Park over the weekend, it was impossible not to notice the high prices at the pump — over $4.20/gallon. It makes sense that I later stumbled upon a hybrid National Park Service vehicle at my campground, providing a clear example of a move toward a greener federal fleet. That’s part of a greater Federal initiative to increase fuel standards, both within the federal fleet and across the US consumer market.

So, you’re not the only one to notice the high gas prices in weeks past… Our President and his administration know the effects of high-price fuels. President Obama also highlights how backward our energy system can be. Likely out of foresight, our government has been ramping up domestic oil production and endorses all sources of energy — many of which make conservationists vehemently upset. Though there is a policy paradox born by differences between energy pragmatism and environmental values (in our Administration and especially our society), at least recognizing that we have serious energy challenges – and criticizing $4-billion annual oil-gas subsidies-  provide reason for optimism regarding the formation of better strategy going forward.

Here’s the video:


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