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#Green Week Ahead (May 07-13)

Hello everyone — I hope you had a festive Cinco de May weekend!

Here’s what I am planning to attend this week. If anyone has any additional events that they would like to share – this week or next – please feel free to comment.

Tues May 08

One of thousands of islands in Queensland, Australia.

On a personal note, I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a monthlong course on sustainability this summer for San Diego State University undergraduates. The course, as part of their study abroad program, will be conducted throughout Queensland, Australia. I will be giving a pre-departure orientation on this day as we prepare to explore, firsthand numerous socio-environmental issues, developing a new perspective regarding our relationship with the planet.


Wed May 09

CleanTECH Advocacy Meeting from 2-3:30pm.

David Victor

New Ways to Stop Global Warming from 5:15-7:00pm. Professor of Political Science and Climate Change Specialist, David Victor discusses how global warming is affecting our planet today. Professor Victor will explore strategies that would be more effective in addressing issues surrounding climate change. He recently authored a 2011 Economist Best Book – Global Warming Gridlock – and advises countries and companies regarding energy and climate policy.

Here’s an interview I did with Professor Victor while studying with him at UCSD. My Interview with David Victor.




Green Week Ahead (April 23 – 29)

Hope everyone had a great Earth Day yesterday! Here’s what I am planning to attend this week. If anyone has any additional events that they would like to share – this week or next – please feel free to comment.

Fri April 27

I lived and worked in Brazil for several months. It is country near and dear to my heart. Moreover, in June of this year, the country will be hosting nations from the world over with a single – albeit broad – topic in mind. Sustainability. UCSD’s School of International Relations and Pacific Studies is hosting a lecture on this critical event.

How Can Rio+20 Generate Tangible Results Toward Environmental Sustainability and Human Development?

“The amazing speaker for this event is Jacques Marcovitch. Founded on the outcomes of the Human Development Index, Jacques proposes to focus on a multilateral agreement to reach a globally accepted Environmental Sustainability Index. He highlights major environmental changes and advocates maintaining distinct approaches to measure human development & environmental sustainability.”

His impressive professional history: former president, University of São Paulo;  current Professor of Strategy and International Affairs at the University of São Paulo; board member at the International Relations and Development Studies Institute (Geneva); member, the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Latin America and the World Economic Forum; management board member, Sustainable Amazon Foundation.

The Green Week Ahead (Mar 19 – 25)

Here’s what I am planning to attend this week. If anyone has any additional events that they would like to share – this week or next – please feel free to comment.

Wed Mar 21

The Institute of the Americas (IOA) will host the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, U.S. Department of State, Matt Rooney from 4:30-5:45pm. IOA tells, “Rooney manages U.S. relations with Mexico and Canada. He is also responsible for economic and trade policy with the countries of the Western Hemisphere. The goal is to increase U.S. exports and facilitate the participation of small and medium sized business in the globalized economy. Mr. Rooney will highlight how, in a difficult global environment, the interests of the U.S. are linked to the economic success of our neighbors.” I will be in Sacramento during the day. If I can get back in time, I plan to attend.

Thur March 22

This is the UN’s World Water Day. Surfrider Foundation informs us, “Founded in 1993 by the United Nations, this global day of observance highlights the need for the care and management of the world’s water resources.” Here in San Diego, we are all aware of our limited water resources. On the bright side, we had plenty of rain (and hail) over the weekend.

From 7:30-9:00 am the Clean Tech Open will host a Business Briefing. The host says, “Join us for an introduction to the Cleantech Open, the world’s largest cleantech accelerator. You will learn about our annual Business Competition, an opportunity to accelerate your cleantech startup with expert training, national visibility and up to $250,000 of cash and services. Beyond great networking, the event will include a brief presentation about how you can get involved as a volunteer, mentor, judge or more. Anyone should attend who is interested in learning more about competing in the Cleantech Open business competition or volunteering, mentoring, judging, partnering with or sponsoring with the organization.”

From 5:00-8:00 pm the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) presents the 8th Annual Energy All-Star Awards. CCSE says “These prestigious awards recognize the most outstanding projects, programs and applications in creating integrated approaches to energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean transportation and water efficiency during 2011. We encourage you to nominate your clients, employer, yourself or any community business, organization or agency.

As always, if you know of any additional events that may be of interest, please post them here as a comment. Have a great week – get out there and meet new people… They’ll teach you something new.

Green Week Ahead (Mar 05 – Mar 11)

Last week was productive. I met some great entrepreneurs that are creating solutions to problems – both known and unbeknownst to us. I encountered everything from your traditional internet startups to the high-efficiency human-powered lawnmower, or a form air-to-submersible transportation (a lá George Jetson), among many other ideas. Though I am not involved in any of these ventures, 2 tech entrepreneurs and I formed a team that will compete in the AT&T App Challenge San Diego. Stay tuned on that one.

Enough about last week, here’s what I am planning to attend this week. If anyone has any additional events that they would like to share – this week or next – please feel free to comment.

Mar 05

At 5:30pm at UCSD’s IR/PS, Greg Horowitt, CONNECT Foundation board member, founding partner of T2 Ventures and co-founder of Global CONNECT, has joined his T2 partner Victor Hwang to co-author a new book tackling the difficult issue of why some regions over others thrive with innovation. Their book The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley.

Mar 06

The San Diego Solar Energy Symposium starts at 1:00pm located at USD.

What is a b Corp? “Certified B Corporations are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.” If you want to learn more, join me and others at 5:30pm at the Ansir Innovation Center.

Mar 07

Renewable Energy Professionals San Diego will socialize during happy hour – 6pm – at The Spot in La Jolla to talk shop. Let me know if you want further details.

As always, if you know of any additional events that may be of interest, please post them here as a comment. Have a great week – get out there and meet new people… They’ll teach you something new.

Green Week Ahead (Feb 27 – Mar 04)

It looks like this will be an entrepreneurial week for me, as our budding community of innovative businessmen and businesswomen convene for a couple cool events.

Here’s what I am planning to attend. If anyone has any additional events that they would like to share – this week or next – please feel free to comment!!!

Wed Feb 29

San Diego Tech Coffee from 9-10am at the Pannikin in Del Mar. The group’s organizer, Brant Cooper, says “The idea for this group is a ‘working’ meetup, i.e., not a networking event. Come share your ideas, talk ‘lean startup’ and ‘customer development’, demo products, etc., but also roll up your sleeves and get to work in a collegial, coffee-shop environment.”

Tech Coast Angels hosts Meet the Angels from 6-9pm.“Mintz Levin invites you to join us for Tech Coast Angels’ ‘Meet the Angels’, an incredible opportunity for private investors and entrepreneurs to connect. If you are a financier looking for an exceptional investment opportunity, or a startup company in need of capital to bring your idea to market, there is no better place to find it than at this exclusive meet and greet. Dozens of cutting-edge companies with great new ideas and products will be in attendance, and to make those products a reality, they are looking to the Angels. Especially in today’s economy, an event like this one–with unprecedented access to investors and entrepreneurs alike– is not to be missed.” Unfortunately, I believe registration is already closed and the event is full. For those of you not attending, I will be sharing interesting ideas and info via my twitter feed (@JarrodMRussell).

In a recent meeting with Duane Roth, CEO of Connect, we talked about many things. During our conversation, he took the time to explain the concept of dilution as it relates to shares in a young, fast-growing company. I am eager to talk shop and increase my start-up IQ this week. With our great universities and industry clusters (e.g. biotech, solar, etc.), one wonders when we will see an entrepreneurial and investment community that challenges Silicon Valley. Maybe it already does… and I just don’t know it yet. I look forward to finding out.

Thur Mar 01

I will be meeting with Jess Ponting, Director of SDSU’s Center for Surf Research. As a surfer with extensive travel in Latin America, Indonesia, and Africa, I believe in the Center’s Vision: “Surfing’s impact on the world is entirely positive. By incorporating principles of sustainable tourism, surf tourism promotes healthy lifestyles and is a key driver for the environmental, social/cultural, and economic well being of destinations.” Though I know my greenhouse gas emissions to get to these destinations is not positive, I like to think that the role I played as an ambassador to the sport and our country have positively impacted the communities I visited. Judging from his bio, Jess sounds like a great guy and — whether we are talking about where to find better barrels or how to build sustainable communities — I am sure we’ll have plenty of stories to exchange. 

Green Week Ahead (Feb 20-26)

Hope everyone had a great President’s Day! I did. Here’s what I am planning to attend this week. If anyone has any additional events that they would like to share – this week or next – please feel free to comment.

Feb 22

OneRoof Energy press conference (details) from 10:30-11:30am. “OneRoof Energy works directly with roofers to lease and install residential solar power systems. The company has received $50 million in financing and created the SolarSelect Lease, which allows homeowners to integrate solar into their roof at little to no upfront cost through a simple lease program. The company is growing quickly and currently employs more than 30 professionals. In addition to the nearly 100 new jobs they are creating within the company, their business plan will lead to the creation of countless new positions as third-party partners and roofing contractors are hired and trained to sell and install OneRoof Energy’s solar electric systems.”

Keep an eye on my twitter feed for any interesting job leads and company announcements,

Greenovation Forum hosted by UCSD. “Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning: The Ecological, Economic, and Governance Principles for Managing the Ocean”. Being a native San Diegan from Oceanside and an avid surfer, I value our local beaches. As an environmentalist, I also understand the impacts humanity is having on our oceans – everything from overfishing to ocean acidification. For those of you who share my interest in the ocean, be sure to RSVP ASAP for the event. See you there!

Feb 23

Obama for America (OFA) is the President’s reelection campaign. I am supporting San Diego’s OFA team with the planning of a few big events around the county. If you would like to get involved, please contact me.

The Equinox Center’s Leaders 2020 brings us Civic Engagement 101 from 5:30-7pm. “You care about advancing a more sustainable future for the San Diego region. But how? What role can you play to drive positive change? Join us for a fun and inspiring conversation with Elyse Lowe, Executive Director of Move San Diego.” The location looks great and Leaders2020 always brings together a great crowd! Also, the venue will be a co-working space. “At Co-Merge Workplace you’ll find a great community of entrepreneurs and professional space designed to work the way you work. Whether you’re interested in coworking, telecommuting, networking, video conferencing, team building, training or simply having a sophisticated space to drop in for the day, Co-Merge is the smart workplace solution.” Sounds like a great idea to me! Hope you can make it.

Feb 24

UCSD hosts Hire San Diego. “The Hire San Diego Career Fair consists of 20-30 companies and is open to current graduate students from IR/PS, Rady, SDSU and USD. This year, Hire San Diego will be held at UC San Diego’s I-House Great Hall.”

As always, if you know of any additional events that may be of interest, please post them here as a comment. Have a great week – get out there and network… You’ll learn something new.

Green Week Ahead (Feb 13-19)

Well, last week was a whirlwind. I attended both the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) and the CADEM 2012 convention. I was at the Hilton Bayfront and the SD Convention Center everyday. Hence, my tardiness in this post. Additionally, it looks like there is simply less going on in town this week. I have a few personal meetings lined up, but not many big events like the week before.

Here’s what I (attended and) am planning to attend this week. If anyone has any additional events that they would like to share – this week or next – please feel free to comment!!!

Feb 13

Grid Alternatives Orientation from 3-5pm. If you are interested in helping to install solar panels for a family in need, you must attend this orientation (offered regularly). Check out the organization’s webpage for details regarding upcoming events.

Feb 15

I’m heading over to the local offices of Itron, a “leading provider of energy and water resource management solutions for nearly 8,000 utilities around the world. We offer end-to-end solutions that include electricity, gas, water and thermal energy measurement and control technology; communications systems; software; and professional services. With nearly 9,000 employees doing business in 130 countries, Itron empowers utilities to responsibly and efficiently manage energy and water resources.”

Feb 17

I’ll be visiting Duane Roth and his entrepreneurial team at Connect to see who’s driving innovation in our region. “CONNECT is focused on delivering the fundamental programs that the innovation community depends upon.  At the same time the organization is creating new services to meet the needs of the evolving economic and policy landscape and the new clusters that are developing within the region.  Challenges include attracting investment capital and engineering and experienced management talent.”

Green Week Ahead (Feb 06-12)

Here’s what I am planning to attend this week. If anyone has any additional events that they would like to share – this week or next – please feel free to comment!!!

Feb 06-09

Association of Energy Services Professionals 22nd Annual Convention, which is being held right here in San Diego. You can expect “the premier energy industry conference that draws the top program managers, policy makers, marketers, evaluators, consultants and vendors in energy efficiency. Highly regarded experts in their respective fields will lead over 60 sessions that will cover the range of current topics in program design, implementation, pricing, marketing, research, evaluation and more. It’s pricey, so if you can not attend I will be sharing my experiences in a later blog post.

Feb 08

IR/PS Dean’s Roundtable with David Victor. Professor David Victor’s latest book, Global Warming Gridlock, was named one of the best science and technology books of 2011 Books of the Year by the Economist.

Feb 10-12

2012 Democratic State Convention will be held at and around the San Diego Convention Center. Click here for the agenda. Event organizers told me that observer badges may be available during event registration on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, Feb 11 at 9pm, Gen44 California and the Futuro Fund is hosting a reception for President Obama. Gen44 is “the official under-40 fundraising program of Obama for America—created to cultivate and empower a rising generation of leaders for the Democratic Party.” Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, former mayor of San Francisco, is the special guest of the evening.

Side notes

Thanks to Christine Forester for letting me know about the great Gen44 event!

Also, a big thanks to Jim Waring, CEO of CleanTECH SD for his time and insights regarding the state of clean technologies here in San Diego.

The Equinox Center and I are working on an interesting video project that will highlight relevant local issues. Details to come later. The organization recently released its annual Regional Quality of Life Dashboard.

Lastly, I will be visiting enXco for an informational interview on Feb 10. Any leads or interesting programs/projects will be shared via a later post.