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Green Week Ahead (Feb 20-26)

Hope everyone had a great President’s Day! I did. Here’s what I am planning to attend this week. If anyone has any additional events that they would like to share – this week or next – please feel free to comment.

Feb 22

OneRoof Energy press conference (details) from 10:30-11:30am. “OneRoof Energy works directly with roofers to lease and install residential solar power systems. The company has received $50 million in financing and created the SolarSelect Lease, which allows homeowners to integrate solar into their roof at little to no upfront cost through a simple lease program. The company is growing quickly and currently employs more than 30 professionals. In addition to the nearly 100 new jobs they are creating within the company, their business plan will lead to the creation of countless new positions as third-party partners and roofing contractors are hired and trained to sell and install OneRoof Energy’s solar electric systems.”

Keep an eye on my twitter feed for any interesting job leads and company announcements,

Greenovation Forum hosted by UCSD. “Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning: The Ecological, Economic, and Governance Principles for Managing the Ocean”. Being a native San Diegan from Oceanside and an avid surfer, I value our local beaches. As an environmentalist, I also understand the impacts humanity is having on our oceans – everything from overfishing to ocean acidification. For those of you who share my interest in the ocean, be sure to RSVP ASAP for the event. See you there!

Feb 23

Obama for America (OFA) is the President’s reelection campaign. I am supporting San Diego’s OFA team with the planning of a few big events around the county. If you would like to get involved, please contact me.

The Equinox Center’s Leaders 2020 brings us Civic Engagement 101 from 5:30-7pm. “You care about advancing a more sustainable future for the San Diego region. But how? What role can you play to drive positive change? Join us for a fun and inspiring conversation with Elyse Lowe, Executive Director of Move San Diego.” The location looks great and Leaders2020 always brings together a great crowd! Also, the venue will be a co-working space. “At Co-Merge Workplace you’ll find a great community of entrepreneurs and professional space designed to work the way you work. Whether you’re interested in coworking, telecommuting, networking, video conferencing, team building, training or simply having a sophisticated space to drop in for the day, Co-Merge is the smart workplace solution.” Sounds like a great idea to me! Hope you can make it.

Feb 24

UCSD hosts Hire San Diego. “The Hire San Diego Career Fair consists of 20-30 companies and is open to current graduate students from IR/PS, Rady, SDSU and USD. This year, Hire San Diego will be held at UC San Diego’s I-House Great Hall.”

As always, if you know of any additional events that may be of interest, please post them here as a comment. Have a great week – get out there and network… You’ll learn something new.